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Transition & Adult Services

Transition & Adult Services (TAS) offers personal and vocational skills training to youth and adult with developmental disabilities, emotional health or mental health issues, and/or dual diagnoses. TAS participants are empowered to overcome social and adaptive skills deficits that may prevent them from living and working independently or interfere with their desired quality of life.

TAS is accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). TAS contracts with the California Department of Rehabilitation is vendored through the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center, and serves clients from surrounding Regional Centers.


Day Program

  • Adult Transition Program (ATP)
  • Independent Living Skills (ILS)
  • Adaptive Skills Training (AST)

Employment Services

  • Intake, counseling, vocational assessment, placement services, job coaching in English and Spanish
  • Direct Employment Services (Department of Rehabilitation)
  • Job Development (Regional Center) for Individual Placements and Paid Internship


Job Coaching
Personal, Vocational, and Social Adjustment Skills Training (PVSA)
Adult Work Experience Opportunities
Student Service Work Experience Opportunities
Vocational Lab
Equal Opportunity Employment for all clients
Tax incentives for eligible employers
No charge to employers for job placement services and on-the-job training

Transition & Adult Services

TAS offers personal, vocational skills training, and supported employment services to youth and adults with developmental disabilities, and emotional, or mental health issues, including Autism Spectrum Disorders. TAS contracts with the Department of Rehabilitation and is vendored through East Los Angeles Regional Center, and serves clients from various Regional Centers throughout Los Angeles County.

A Glimpse Into Kevin’s Work Experience!

Employees from IRL sat down with Kevin to learn more about his job at Northgate Markets and the role our Transition and Adult Service (TAS) program plays in helping him to achieve his personal and professional goals. Our dedicated staff, personalized programs, and invaluable community partners make it possible for Kevin, and all the clients we serve, to truly take charge of their own learning and lives every single day!


Thank you for empowering our clients and supporting the mission

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