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Community Outreach

Community Outreach participates in research grants that impact special education, primarily in early identification and intervention. We assist in the development of evidence-based practices that are more effective than those employed in the past. Community Outreach offers training, professional development and research grant participation as part of a comprehensive strategy towards agency improvement and individual needs.


  • Stronger parent partnership with community service agents.
  • More engaged parent involvement.
  • Increased parent understanding of the Special Education process and delivery model.
  • Early Intervention with regard to child developmental delays.
  • Improved parent understanding of when and where to obtain resources as they relate to disability and/or delays in their children, and where assessments for these delays and disabilities can be obtained.

Professional Training:

Through current funding, training will be offered to Early Education Educators to strengthen their understanding of Early Childhood Education Competencies (ECEC). ECE Competencies provide coherent structure and content for efforts to foster the professional development of California’s early childhood workforce. The competencies provide comprehensive descriptions of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that early childhood educators need to support young children’s learning and development across all program types.

Additionally, eligible staff has an opportunity to earn a MA degree in Special Education from Pacific Oaks College (POC) and a Preliminary Mild-Moderate Credential through a grant funded by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). This state-wide grant opportunity offers teacher residents direct tuition support and professional support. Teacher Residents will experience a diverse and rigorous learning experience, both in the fieldwork/clinical experience and in the college classroom.

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